Experience Spaces

Experience Spaces

Armando Viana Martins (AVM.A)
Vilminore di Scalve, Italy
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Experience Spaces

Armando Viana Martins (AVM.A) as Architects

The initiative’s Experience Spaces aims to promote the concept of a container with an original identity that may emerge in different places. A place is always unique and different. The competition requires design solutions eco-friendly hosting, promoting sustainable practices.

Sustainability means to relate with the environment, respect nature, properly place buildings, equipment, take advantage of the light and the sun. The project proposes the creation of one internal and one external casing of the container. The outer casing is made of cork, which is not only a coating material but is also an excellent thermal insulator. The inner shell is made of wood, OSB, a recycled material and economic, which applied in a precise and effective presents an image of great nobility. The elements in the facades are cork panels of 100mm/80mm thick, detached 20mm of the outer wall of the container (mounted above aluminum profiles 20x40x2mm).

Its stereotomy is variable, trying to create a dynamic surface. The building envelope is composed of opaque and transparent elements (glass surfaces). Transparent elements are those that allow the view to the outside, the natural lighting and changing the air inside the building. Natural ventilation is created in the detachment of 20mm between the cork and container, where the air circulates and comes in through small openings in windows.

The project divides in five different types of modules: 1 parking information (infopoint), 1 module housing (bungalows), 1 bar, 1 public bathroom, 1 exhibition space.

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Serpentine Pavilion 2015
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