Experimenta Design`09 Lisboa - Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge Competition

Experimenta Design`09 Lisboa - Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge Competition

Atelier do Cardoso
Lisboa, Portugal
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Experimenta Design`09 Lisboa - Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge Competition

Atelier do Cardoso as Architects

Drawing with positive energy.

We embraced this project by taking some time trying to figure out how to mix design and architecture, searching for their linking points, keeping their limits untouched.

The bridge should be more than a linking structure trying to make its way through a road, a boundary full of vehicles. It aims to be regarded as a symbol, an icon. Not just another bridge over 2º Circular that nobody remembers exactly where it stands.

Therefore, we propose a strong picture, a ring bridge that reminds the light movement, just like bright track left by a vehicle passing through. Just like Pablo Picasso has painted with the light. We draw a picture in the air, a movement that, for some seconds, stays still in time. An object floating like a Calder mobile. Lines shaped to suggest movement.

Through plain geometry, we draw a light structure and incorporated it in the concept picture. Together with the ramps it aims to establish a balanced state within the urban scenery and the landscape frame.

All the accesses are ramps with an inclination that allows a universal mobility. To get this soft inclination, the crossing over 2º Circular starts at focal points organizing circulation on both sides.

Constructive process. Regarding constructive solutions we have decided to use a recycled steel structure, made of recycled vehicle bodywork. The bridge covering would be made of aluminium foam, 100% recycled, a light material that allows reducing the structure dimension and the use of steel. The structure is constructed and assembled in plant, the greater parts are carried one by one and screwed in the site, like a huge meccano. Thus, we get a fast assembly process and minimize the inconveniences of a work in a heavy traffic way such as the 2º circular.

In the inferior part of the bridge will be installed wind turbines that generate energy through the air movement produced by the automobiles and also by wind. This energy will be used on the night-time lightning. Therefore, we propose a self-sustainable system for the construction and the bridge maintenance.

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