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Expo 2000 Pavilion for the Netherlands

Expo 2000 Pavilion for the Netherlands

Hannover, Germany
Project Year

Expo 2000 Pavilion

MVRDV as Architects

The Netherlands could well be the prime example of a country that has always had to mould the environment to suit its will. It is a country that time and time again has won land from the sea. Perhaps now extra space will be found by expanding vertically.

Can increasing population density coexist with an increase in the quality of life? What should be the conditions and what role will nature play? Is not the issue here ‘new nature’, literally and metaphorically? This kind of effort can be the Netherlands’ specific contribution to the world fair, which seems to be devoted particularly to a nostalgic glimpse of ecology.

The Dutch entry shows a mix of technology and nature, emphasizing nature’s make-ability and artificiality. It provides multi-level public space as an extension to existing public spaces, a monumentalized multi-level park. This act of stacking saves space, energy, time, water and infrastructure.

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