Extension to health centre in Dielsdorf

Extension to health centre in Dielsdorf

Bob Gysin Partner BGP
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Health Centre Extension

Bob Gysin Partner BGP as Architects

Precise Positioning

The extension is designed as a compact form, which integrates with the existing building thanks to the sectional solution and the articulated modelling, while achieving an economical use of land. Internally, the existing and new buildings combine symbiotically into a single functional unit, with a network of flowing spaces to provide easy access. The public spaces have a welcoming character and the corridors are more than mere circulation zones, they create an atmosphere that brightens up the institutional routine of daily life in a nursing home and facilitates socialising.

The entrance has an attractive setting and leads into a spacious and clearly laid out foyer. The floors with sheltered accommodation offer an intimate, domestic ambience with good daylighting, enhanced by a variety of views out of the building and within it. Circulation loops with seating bays invite people to linger and rest or chat. The office floor offers a flexible working environment with the same architectural qualities as the nursing care and residential floors. Alcove seating, bay extensions and visual links with the outside offer not only exciting views, but also a wide range of opportunities for meeting informally, which provides the necessary counterbalance to concentrated work.

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