Marcela Ceballos


Marcela Ceballos as Architects

When you think about facades you are thinking about skins; the facades are the skin of the buildings and houses. A facade represents the building external appearance, but it is also a collective construction for it belongs to a neighborhood and its inhabitants.

Because of its colors, every facade turns its surrounding space into a particular and unique place, playing the role of an aesthetic mark that makes every house look different. Therefore, a neighborhood could be perceived as a living collage by every pedestrian.

Such as every person has different skin color, every house or building have colors to delimit its frontiers, also to show its differences and proximities to the citizens.

The image represents that particular way to understand facade´s identity, and it is also a representation of how some Latin American neighborhoods look like. It tries to communicate the way the facades are decorated by the human beings and the environmental elements, and how it is a complex process that defines shapes, textures and a sort of personality of the building. That is how the visual construction of a town shows to its visitors and its inhabitants a lot of personalities, and every color change is a delimitation of the territory.

Thus, this particular proposal for the factory facade could be the dress of a factory of symbolic skins, a factory of aesthetic experiences which could materialize colors, stages, shapes and tones, as well as symbols for the cities.

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K11 MUSEA (Special Features)
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K11 MUSEA (Special Features)

18 Salibury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - Build completed in 2019
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