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What are the stories behind mass produced clothes? How are they produced? Who was involved? And was the production fair? What do we actually know about the world behind what we wear?

All these questions have very little answers due to lack of transparency in the clothing industry.

The white t-shirt, a very generic mass produced fashion item, is selected as the central element of the exhibition’s design. It symbolizes the current humanitarian problems that are affecting the fashion industry. Everyone has a white t-shirt and therefore feels connected to this story.

The white T-shirt is abstracted, repeated, enlarged and turned into a temporal interface, which forms a fragile curtain made of 650 secondhand t-shirts donated by KICI and people from all over the Netherlands. The curtain hides and reveals the stories of five artists, who raise questions about the status quo of the fashion industry and give ideas towards a more fair future for the fashion industry. At the end of the exhibition the 650 t-shirts will be donated to KICI and therefore re-introduced in the recycle process.

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Prashanth Residence (Story Of Three Courts)
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Prashanth Residence (Story Of Three Courts)

Private Houses
Sunny Brooks, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - Build completed in 2017
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