Family House in Cerceda

Family House in Cerceda

Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos
Belsar, 3, 15187 Cerceda, La Coruña, Spain
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Family house in Cerceda

Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos as Architects

This project starts with the commission of finishing the family house, which was already in structure phase, with the basement, the pillar structure and the structural floor built.

The plot of land, with access from the North side, has a light slope, ascending to the implantation level of the building, oriented in its main axis North-South and East-West.

The project consists on a family house of square floor plan and two levels with a sloping roof, and the East roof flap nearly touching the ground.

The wooden roof is supported by stone walls and wood beams, connecting the house, garage and installation spaces, generating some covered outside terraces around the house.

On the ground floor, the main entrance is located at the North side, with a hall leading to the living room-kitchen. And, through a corridor, you can access to the bedroom area, with a bathroom and a toilet.

On the South side, the living and dining room are situated. It is a double height space that links to the first floor through the stairs.

On the high floor, there is the studio, the main bedroom with its own bathroom and closet, and an open terrace to the West.

The dining - living room consists of a more transparent and glazed zone, which is opened with a sliding window system, leading to the outside terrace, with the possibility of connecting with the swimming pool.

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