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FINSTRAL customer centre

FINSTRAL customer centre

Gochsheim, Germany | View Map
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Natural and artificial light: when they come together perfectly



Light plays an essential role in setting the rhythm of space and time in a building.

Developing appropriate spaces and increasing living comfort throughout the 24 hours are the result of the intelligent management of that natural element that man, through technological progress, has been able to recreate and customize: illumination.

Through this close interaction between natural light and artificial light an equally close connection between the window system and the lighting system developed, both excellent tools for the management of the lighting project and the central architectural idea of the new Finstral customer centre.

To enhance this connection, a professional relationship was needed that would meet the complex demands of the client with solutions tailored specifically for this project. PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING is thus proud to have been chosen as a corporate partner for the illumination of the new FINSTRAL customer centre in Gochsheim.

A centre of reference for window systems

Finstral S.p.A, a company with 45 years of experience in the development and production of technologies for industrial and residential windows and doors, in order to meet the growing market demand in recent years, has built a new 550 square meter customer centre in Germany.

The objective of this project was to create reference centre for the window and door sector where all the information about new technologies and customized solutions in the industry can be found.

Performance iN LIGHTING became involved in the project to create, in terms of lighting, solutions that join functional space needs, elaborating the concept of lighting design based on the original architectural ideas perfectly in line with the FINSTRAL corporate philosophy and creating custom equipment to achieve the objectives of the project.

The architecture of light in the new centre

The symbolic element

The building is distinguished by a horizontal grid structure crowning the entire construction system and positioned on the roof. At night the structure is enhanced by GUELL series projectors by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING, designed specifically to focus attention on this "flying roof" even after sunset.

The exterior

For the lighting of the parking area and access roads to the building, bollard and pole luminaires from the SPILLO series were installed that integrate discreetly into the environment while maintaining high luminous efficiency.

The interiors

As a business card of the company in the eyes of the customer, the entrance area is a key element for the entire complex.

Responding to the lighting concept shared with the clients, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING proposed the series SL764 with integrated aluminium profile linear luminaires with special 3D optics: thanks to this futuristic solution, light radiates along two lines, one down and one to the side, creating a perception of three-dimensionality heightened by the mikado-array effect obtained by carefully positioning the fixture in this specific context.

For vertical illumination of interior walls, recessed luminaires from the EB435 series were chosen: the light bands serve as guides within the room.

An important element that required special lighting is escalator leading to the first floor of the building: the landing was backlit so as to enhance the "suspended" effect using WL series surface mounted luminaires with techno polymer optics for a uniform light distribution over the entire area.

In customer support areas, recessed EB435 fixtures are used for accent lighting and general lighting is provided by linear suspension SL764. The functionality of use was the matrix of the entire design: dedicated spaces, the rationalist architecture that embodies the concept of functionalism, the full merger of technology and aesthetics that drove the choice of products and systems.

Calculation software for architectural illumination

In planning this project, especially for configuring the custom SL764 of linear luminaires, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING made use of its own LIGHT-PERFORMER®, an online software tool that instantly provides all the technical and commercial information necessary for a complete lighting design and calculation.

Product focus

SL764 continuous-line system

SL764 is an indoor LED fixture, made up of an extruded, anodized, or powder coated aluminium profile body and die-cast powder coated aluminium ends. The fixture is available with different characteristics:

- Micro-prism diffuser for consistent distribution, reduced glare, and high uniformity

- Opal PMMA diffuser for an optimal diffusion and high light uniformity

- Asymmetric reflector in super pure aluminium (Al99 .98) for a maximum light output and a neutral colour rendering index

- Direct diffusion of light.

The colour rendering index is > 80 and ≤ 3 SDCM colour tolerance (MacAdam), and it has an adjustable PIR sensor and daylight-dependent lighting control.

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