Gábor Somoskői

Team: Danique van Hulst, Veniyana Lemonidi, Fiona Thompson, Amelia Linde, Johannes Fandl, Guiseppe Ferrigno, Sarkadi Zsolt, Ruby Sleigh, Petrovicz Anna May it be a countryside village or a traditional house, Peru, Turkey or Hungary, Hello Wood, Burning Man or Rainbow Gathering, fireplaces always played an important role in community life. Fire was the centre where the community gather and sometimes cook, warm up, party and socialise. They were and still are the centers of communal living space where people instinctively gather. The FIREPLACE stems from a basic need of participants at every Hello Wood workshop and the idea that a fireplace can be flexible depending on its different functions. The team investigated the old Hungarian fireplace structures and were particularly inspired by the idea of the “nyárikonyha” (open-air summer kitchen).

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White Square, G54 exhibition center
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White Square, G54 exhibition center

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Intersection of Xincheng Avenue and Jianshe Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China - Build completed in 2019
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