Fire station Wien Liesing

Fire station Wien Liesing

Söehne and Partner Architects
Liesing, Vienna, Austria | View Map
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Fire station Wien Liesing

Söehne and Partner Architects as Architects

Brownfields and railway tracks, faceless commercial buildings characterize the area around the Achtergasse in Vienna Liesing.

In this heterogeneous environment, it was even more important for us to create a building with high recognition value. Even if it was “only” a garage for a fire station.

The garage extends along the Achtergasse street and offers place for six parking spaces, sanitary facilities, and an emergency generator room.

On the one hand, the architectural formulation of the roof, reminiscent of a thunderbolt, as well as the choice of color and materials are decisive ingredients for the architectural recognition value of the fire station in Vienna Liesing. On the other hand, these measures have an additional function, creating a roofed entrance area of the garage.

Finally, the new building of the fire station in Vienna Liesing is our contribution to the architectural homogenization and attractiveness of the region around the Achtergasse in Vienna Liesing.

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