Florido Tower

Florido Tower

Söehne and Partner Architects
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Florido Tower

Söehne and Partner Architects as Architects

The new concept of the Florido Tower in Vienna Floridsdorf, which was built in 2000, was conceived in a natural way keeping in mind following keywords: cheerful, active, humane and homely. Green spaces and natural materials unite the green oasis of the Donau in Floridsdorf with the office space of the Florido Tower and make them more attractive. A concept based on the idea of an active, cheerful living room atmosphere.

“Yesterday, cool, trendy, imposing google offices were trendy. The new office modernity tends to the cozy living room atmosphere, in which finally the working person is in the center again.” – Wojciech Czaja.

The Florido Tower offers 31 floors and 113 meters of height for commercial space and offices. These include: lobby, canteen, gym, social areas such as “Think Tanks”, an inner courtyard and a spacious forecourt. The forecourt is designed as an urban square. Water sprinklers, advertising media and strategically positioned seating, as well as the transparent facade through which one has a view through the lobby to the green courtyard, give the forecourt a feeling for what is behind the concept idea.

Clear and modern forms are not only evident in the forecourt of the Florido Tower. The semi-circular wooden canopy, which is extended by the lobby, supports the idea and the flair of a cozy atmosphere. In the lobby, the wooden counter fits the overall picture of the tower and the outside area. Further wooden and green elements enhance the natural, homely feeling of the lobby area and the concept idea. This unites the lobby with the courtyard and forecourt. Concrete columns break up the design and add a new feel to the concept.

The corridor differs with its materials from the basic concept. Modernity and the deliberate use of reflections and light, subtle dark colored natural elements and strategically used wooden elements complete the overall concept and give the corridor a special appeal.

The canteen expands its space into nature. In the inner courtyard, a wooden-clad terrace is being built for the canteen. As a green oasis for employees, the courtyard is planted with trees and plants of all kinds which blend together, forming a relaxing outdoor area. Additional shading elements provide a place for conversations and breaks on hot summer days.

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