Former Tobacco Barn
Thomas Schläpfer

Transformation of a former tobacco barn into a two-family house

Thomas Schläpfer as Architects

Two siblings and their families wished to realize each a single-family houses on the ground of their parents farm. Because of the complex building law situation they invited 3 architects to a competition to find the best solution.


Together with me. architektur ag we proposed to transform the old tobacco barn into a two-family house. We left the tobacco barn in its original character and realized a free-standing house inside the huge volume of the barn. The barn is used as a shelter for the new house inside.


On each level the space between the barn and the new house changes from narrow gangways to wide-open terraces. The Facade with its typical ventilation flaps of the tobacco barn is an openable filter which generates different lighting moods and allows the inhabitants to have the house open and airy or more introverted.


Material Used:

1. Construction basement: concrete

2. Construction upper floors: timber

3. Cladding inside: multiylayor boards, spruce wood

4. Cladding Facade inner building: multiylayor boards, spruce wood, glazed black

5. Cladding Facade barn: larch wood

6. Floors inside: anhydrite

7. Floors Terraces: Larch wood

8. Windows: Aluminium, Larch Wood

9. Doors: multiylayor boards, spruce wood

10. Stairs: multiylayor boards, spruce wood

11. Heating: wood log heating to floor heating

12. Heating water: solar panels

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