Foros Azteca Novelas

Foros Azteca Novelas

AT 103
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Foros Azteca Novelas

AT 103 as Architects

Currently under construction; TV Azteca forums project respond to a proposal to integrate the requirements of television to films that were previously performed in rented forums or locations, with the costs of logistics, transportation, and downtime that this represents in a single space. Is densificó a space that originally did not have a specific purpose, and being located on the back of a few existing forums, has recreated a public square to serve workers and actors alike, thus generating an envelope that transforms the scale of them because of the scheme, forums up unusual side of forumsrepresenting a structure, acoustics and little joint mobility exercise.

The interest of at103 is the linking of public space and private so that they experience a different use than usual, i.e. try to push routine applications up to a point where it generates new experiences, sensations and atmospheres. The formal project is the result of extrude a diagram of relationships with internal and external programs: 7 forums, dressing rooms, makeup, technical booths area: audio, video, programming, sitting areas, cafeteria, lounge, vip, parking, elevators, terraces, cafeteria, patios, gardens and heliport.

On the outside are opt for a black Terra-cotta material that unifies the whole and imply the relationship with the outside through louvres and inserts lines of leds allowing to transmit information in real time of what happens inside and outside the set. The roofs will be spaces will be used for filming, special events or living areas. It is estimated that this finished work by the end of 2012.

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