Forte WoliCity Shanghai

Forte WoliCity Shanghai

CLOU Architects
Shanghai, China
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Forte WoliCity Shanghai

CLOU Architects as Architects

CLOU’s design approach for this 110,000 sqm and six-storey shopping mall is to create three distinct atrium zones, which assist navigation and attracts customers to explore and play with the interior themes.

Each of the three atriums has one 'energy theme' - light, earth and water. Lighting features further accentuate these energy themes and highlight the bold and eye-catching atmosphere.

Light cubes, dodecahedron wireframes, and ball-shaped ‘rain clouds’ made from different materials showcase the beauty of pure geometry and act as both lighting feature and art installation. Each shape corresponds with one of the three atrium themes and invites customers to look up and enjoy from many locations.

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