Froddo - Kid's shoe store

Froddo - Kid's shoe store

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Kid's shoe store - Froddo

Brigada as Architects

By performing an in-depth analysis of the sales processes and the organization of the sales space at this branch of Froddo, we identified certain patterns in customer behavior and opportunities for upgrades in comparison with previous stores. In order to improve the sales process and make the shopping experience more comfortable, we decided to position within the sales space a children’s zone where young ones can play around while parents browse through the products and choose the right ones at their own pace. To make things even simpler for parents, we divided the shop up into intuitive zones and positioned products at eye-level, enabling an effortless overview and ultimate flexibility.

Parents can very easily identify which zone their children’s products are located in, make intuitive comparisons, and narrow down the selection to those models which their children will try on and ultimately take home with them. By speeding up this process we created a cozy space which places equal emphasis on both the parent and child. No longer do they experience shopping for little shoes a necessary evil, but rather, they now see it as an enjoyable experience.

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