GAD / Office building for drilling company

GAD / Office building for drilling company

Roman Zitnansky architecture

Bratislava, Slovakia GA Drilling, a.s. Vápenka 4, 841 07 Bratislava, Slovakia
Project Year
Nora a Jakub

GAD / Office building for drilling company

Roman Zitnansky architecture as Architects

GA DRILLING is a young and dynamically growing family company, that searches to achieve a creative working place for its employees in a new office building. We tried to find out the main philosophy and targets that characterize the company and translate it into an architectural response.

The main idea of the whole project is to create an open and continuous common space with closed working zones attached to it. This open space is crossing the entire building in both ways: horizontally and vertically, interconnecting the interior with the exterior, physically and visually. Light passes into the depth of the tract through wall, floor and roof holes openings, illuminating completely the interior spaces. This continuity creates a sense of transparency, clear halls making communication areas to become common spaces. This spacial continuity, or infinity, becomes a metaphor of the technological possibilities of development and growth of the company.

Functionally the building is divided into three floors: Ground floor - EAT & MEET, 1st floor - WORK & LEAD and upper floor with roof terrace - WORKOUT. All three floors are conformed by closed office boxes and open common areas.

Ground floor / EAT & MEET / is created by generous and open common spaces connecting all together: the entrance hall, foyer and cantina. This spaces are separated from each other by closed "office boxes" used as meeting rooms, mainly for visitors and guests. Open spaces are physically and visually connected to the exterior.

1st floor / WORK & LEAD / configured by closed office boxes, semi-open meeting room boxes and open common spaces. All of them are organized into functional units, each other being separated by thematic relax-zones. The office boxes are connected to the exterior by a generous porch which, in good weather conditions, allows employees to extend their workspace to open areas.

Upper floor / WORKOUT / has been designed as an open multifunctional roof-box with a connection to the roof terrace (not built yet).

Regarding construction and materials, we used simple scale of elements. The construction is made with prefabricated concrete structure with masonry elements, separating the factory hall from the administrative area.

The compartmentation between the office boxes is built with light weight elements (plaster board panels and wooden framed structure) that allows an easy dismantling which targets a potential recycling process of the building. The cladding and outer structure is built with steel elements: a simple iron mesh that serves as a support for plants.

This Architecture conformed by philosophy, functional program and constructive decisions, is searching to achieve the merge of the industrial character of the building with the natural surroundings of the environment.

Project team
Product Specifications
FerDesignFerDesignFine Steel Construction
HSF SystemHSF SystemConstruction Company
TECHO, a.s.Interior Wooden Construction
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