Gamarra Sports Park

Gamarra Sports Park

Mozas Aguirre arquitectos
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
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Sports Centres

Gamarra Sports Park

Mozas Aguirre arquitectos as Architects

The basic idea of the proposal is to prevent the construction of a massive building of large dimensions. For this reason and the sense of understanding of nature that have rural buildings, the program is divided into two parts.

The base, on the one hand, includes the changing rooms with hot water zone and secondly, the volume that rises above it. This volume includes, in its first and second floors, social practices, administrative and relationship. The volume appears to be only built, but has an arm extending from the field and a large terrace to the west. It takes, therefore, the slope of the land to build a base whose roof, in a large part, this function of terrace. It is south facing and protected by a porch covered with fabric on metal frame. Host, in summer, self-service restaurant. The intention is to create a microclimate, which includes the built environment.

The buildings in the north-south serving as windbreaks to the prevailing westerly winds. We have worked with the topography, using the height difference between the north and south of the land to integrate architecture into it. He has played with two levels, and river access.

The building is the concept of natural growth, with a main building and one open arm, almost randomly placed next to and within the field. With this formalization, it is easy to integrate with the environment and growth opportunities are greater. For its expansion, it would suffice to add one more element constructed as above. Also allows the construction phases and is better suited to the topography. The smaller size of each piece facilitates exact fit.

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Apus Kankay
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