GASOCENTRO - Office Building and Service Station

GASOCENTRO - Office Building and Service Station

Mozas Aguirre arquitectos
Jundiz, Spain
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GASOCENTRO - Office Building and Service Station

Mozas Aguirre arquitectos as Architects

The difficulty in designing an office building and a service station, lies in getting to the image of a single project, to overcome the difference in scale and unify the entire performance. Establish dialogue between the two built elements. The buildings are generated from the fold of the horizontal ground plane. A single material defines its geometry different spaces with different uses.

The release of the largest possible space for movement of vehicles necessary to adopt the solution placed under the car parking office building accessing the same for two ramps at the edges of the plot. At the same time the building is raised about 80 centimeters the dimension of access for a privileged position relative to the rest of the plot, allowing access through a ramp with the same width as the building. This rise along with the situation at a lower level of parking but they emphasize the initial idea of a material that folds and wraps the entire building.

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