Gastronomic pavilion on the beach boardwalk - Sopot , Poland

Gastronomic pavilion on the beach boardwalk - Sopot , Poland

Architect Piotr Szulc
Sopot, Poland | View Map
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Visuals by Mikołaj Ćwidak

Project assumptions:

Architect Piotr Szulc as Architects

Authors: Piotr Szulc, Mikołaj Ćwidak Location: Sopot, Poland Status: Competition project Category: Fast food bar with kitchen

The idea behind the project was create gastronomic pavilion, which , although it is a seasonal, would create a unique composition with surrounding coastal landscape during the year. The proposed structure perfectly fits in the environment through using appropriate materials and colors.

The pavilion has been designed in such a way that no problem it can be closed. Elevations are clad with timber panels and rotating wooden lamellas. This system allows you to control the illumination of the building, through the electrical operation of the inclination angle, also allows you to close pavilion during the night or off season. Terrace around the building has been divided into three zones: the ordering, consumption ,rest and recreation. Ordering and seats zone are located near the bar. Consumption and seating tables zone are located in the center of terrace .Resting and recreation zone was placed on the extreme part of the terrace.

During unfavorable weather conditions, there is the possibility of installing a light wind protection, as well as roofing the terrace using the transparent material (to protect from excessive sunlight or rain.) The main entrance to the building, serving also as the place of supply is located from the pedestrian path side . The functional arrangment is based primarily to open access and emphasize bar on the east side, ie from the beach. In the rear part of the building was located dining and storage space. From the beach boardwalk side is designed access to the public toilets. Around the pavilion has been provided parking facilities for bicycles. The property is connected to the existing water supply and sewage, power connections and other necessary media.

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