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City Hall and Senior Housing, Pany

Pablo Horváth as Architects

The Gemeindehaus Pany is an example of a contemporary building developed from local tradition.

The new municipal building which, despite its striking appearance, fits in harmoniously with the existing architectural grain makes a contribution to densification and centralization. The building’s slightly set-back position creates a village-square-like outside space.

On the ground floor, the municipal administration and Pany-St.Antönien Tourism share an open-space office. On the first floor, a treatment room for home health services is at the disposal of tenants as well as guests. Also housed on this floor are a spacious conference room and the office of the municipal Secretary and Administrator. All eight apartments for the elderly are lined with wood panelling: the walls and ceilings with fir, the floors and windows with larch wainscoting. Through this materiality, elderly people are provided with a comfortable, traditional and cosy environment.

The development core of exposed concrete and natural stone functions as a central corridor. A superstructure made entirely of wood including a gable, an entrance canopy and lucarnes is laid on the massive core. The building’s formal design is anchored in a reinterpreted regionalism: the hand-chopped larch shingles document the rural context, while the accentuating wood panels and the orbital lesenes root the building in the present and lend it a representative quality.

This design attitude springs from a respect for an architectural landscape which has grown over the course of history.

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