Glass Wall

Glass Wall

Francisco del Olmo del Egido

Glass Wall

Francisco del Olmo del Egido as Architects


The glass wall appearance is the main idea, playing between glass and aluminium composite panels wall. Thanks to the AluDesign technology we can “change even the material of the wall” and not just the colour. We can change the perception of the wall.

The background image seems glass reflecting a sky of Netherlands and the same time it’s showing a bit of factory (inside structure, lights,…) and the logo of the AluDesign technology like a vinyl in the glass. Every detail creates a glass effect.

The second important idea is the election of a typically sky of Netherlands like a background reflected on the glass. Thanks to this decision, Architecture and Art are joined by the aluminium panels design.

ART: The location of the factory and the company is reflected by art.

The used Netherlands light in Johannes Vermeer paintings and other Dutch’s artists is an artistically reference. Besides, the colour explosion shows the potential of the AluDesign technology thanks to this orange sundown, typical of Netherlands.

ARCHITECTURE: The existing windows and the frames are integrated.

In the top of the wall (blue area) the sky design integrates the windows. The rest of frames have been designed following the windows frames, contributing to the integration between architecture and design. The panels divisions coincide with frame divisions, and more exactly in the shadow created to give depth to the image (black shadow colour hides the join between panels).

In short, this design of glass wall reflecting Dutch’ sky shows the high potential of the new AluDesign technology to creating artistically walls integrated in architecture and changing perception of the old facades.

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Mixed Use properties at Markt Street
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Mixed Use properties at Markt Street

Bielefeld, Germany - Build completed in 2018
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