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Glocal Design Station

Glocal Design Station

ROW Studio
Mexico City, Mexico

Objeto glocal

Masisa as Manufacturers

We were invited by Glocal Design Magazine to design their exhibition booth for a design and furniture fair in Mexico City. The construction and material for the booth was sponsored by Masisa, the leading manufacturer of MDF panels in Latin America who requested that the structure should showcase a large range of their finishes as a way to sample the possibilities of the material. We chose two color sequences, one from black to white including some wood texture materials and the other one ranging from dark green to orange.

Since the MDF panels can’t be bent to generate curves we decided to use them as a sequence of plans that would generate the virtual form of a complex curved surface as the wireframe negative of the volume contained in a orthogonal box made by the module of the panels cut with a cnc router. When the plans intersect in the three directions of space they form a grid of shelves that serve as display and storage space for the magazines and other products.

The whole booth was intended as a resting station, where the visitors to the fair can take a seat and read the magazine while sheltered inside a wrapping cocoon that keeps them away from the surrounding noises, lights and agitation. Four twisted elements act both as benches and as storage space.

The 170 components of the Glocal Design Station where assembled and presented for the first time in Habitat Expo in Mexico City from 26th to the 28th of May 2011 and will be present in several other trade fairs for the rest of the year. Once this year’s exhibition cycle is over it will become a permanent feature of the meeting room of the publisher’s offices.

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
by Masisa
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