Goethestraße 1

Gronych + Dollega Architekten as Architects

Our goal was to transform a very strict development plan into a serene, powerful and locationindependent architectural form, while the existing trees should become part of the whole.

The architecture develops its own sensitive scale to the landscape and the built environment. The aim was to define generous relationships between inside and outside on the small property with valuable trees and the given building scale. The play of light and shades of the trees as well as the reflections of the water surface in front of the glazed facades create intense room atmospheres.

Atilted exterior wall is used to create the airspace that connects the ground floor with the upper floor, while also enabling natural lighting for the basement. The sloping high windows upstairs create the feeling of living within the treetops. The different levels are accessed by an open steel staircase, which also serves as a highly sculptural element of the inside area. The monolithically shaped facade of the building creates a distinct measurement in cohesion with the opulent tree population of the property.



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Residence DHK

Kortrijk, Belgium - Build completed in 2019
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