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Vinaroz, Spain
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Luis De Garrido Architects as Architects

Due to a successful negotiation with the government, the site allows buildable high. Much higher than it would be desirable for the area, and the dictates of common sense.

Therefore, the greatest problem to solve is an urban design that houses a collection of about 1,000 homes, and a 5 star hotel, 25 storeys high.

The management proposal includes an orientation orthogonal roadway EO, which splits the site generally runs in different spaces, which form the outer shape of the different blocks in the set.

To counter the perception of extreme building set is provided a large green area in the entire solar surface. Thus, the different blocks "float" on the green area and go unnoticed.

The different blocks are expanding in height, in order to increase the level of shading, and have the least possible occupation on the ground floor (improving pedestrian level visual perception). Similarly, one of the two pools of all has been arranged to "float" between two blocks, up to the 5th floor. Thus, below it can house the central square of the whole, completely shaded in summer, and bright in winter.

The resulting blocks have huge overhangs (the balconies of some homes), which protect the lower streets of direct sunlight, providing a high level of shading. All this, in order to provide the highest possible level of comfort to the neighbors, and the occupants of the houses.

From a bioclimatic point of view, the blocks are composed of two rows of dwellings, which are accessed through the perimeter galleries central courtyards. Thus, it generates, and maintains a large bag of fresh air inside, which will cover all homes, refreshing in its path.

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