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Green2House is a house designed for a famous English writer renowned in Shoeburyness, in a tropical paradise at the mouth of the river Thames.

Green2House has a very unique architectural structure and is the result of an optimized process design inspired by a diverse set of denotative elements of personality, achievements, aspirations and symbolism of the owner. The design process used also ensures seamless integration of housing in Nature.

The best decision is the open book facing south of the house, because this achieves the highest level of utilization of solar radiation in winter, and at the same time, the highest level of sun protection in summer. The book opens towards the sea, spreading and showing its interior, parallel symbolic narrative and informative work of its owner. The rooms of the house are protected from the side, and in turn projected to the outside to the south. For the same reason the home provides a huge level of protection and privacy, which favors obtaining a sounding board for the happiness of the occupants.

The basement contains bedrooms for guests and engine rooms. The ground floor houses the large central hall (with part of its surface, double height), kitchen and a study-library. The first floor guest bedrooms houses, overturned the central double height space. The second floor houses the master bedroom, which in turn includes a large study, library, two closets and two bathrooms.

The house is surrounded by a quadrangular pool which is output from the interior through a terrace with ground-based perforated slats of wood and glass, which allows the illumination of a lower court, which are articulated bedrooms the basement.

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