Greenhouse for Casa da Escrita gardens

Greenhouse for Casa da Escrita gardens

Coimbra, Portugal
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Urban Green Spaces
Leonardo Finotti

Greenhouse for Casa da Escrita gardens

Paratelier as Architects

The garden crawls up over the building in Coimbra, in the Escrita house. The marking by João Mendes Ribeiro raised that space that was already improved by literature. This is what João José Cochofel asked: his house should has become a haven for who still wanted to leave down words on paper, for who feels hungry of yellowed pages or who only would like to talk about good novels or poems. Open spaces absorb noise and they are made by several little areas in different levels in wich are put up various spatial concepts. The greenhouse is the last outpost for who attempt in the palace’s terra¬ced garden: it appears as a simple and environmentally sensitive sign at the end of a path. A little wooden framed box that marries the sustaina¬bility philosophy with an articulate open space on the hill and a intan-gible volume that invite, after a last step, to turn your head and take a look to the left footprints on the clay court at the vineyard shadow.

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