Greve in Chianti wine bar Tuscany

Greve in Chianti wine bar Tuscany

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Greve in Chianti, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy | View Map
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Wine bar in Greve in Chianti

Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini Impruneta as supplier of the floor tile in cotto

The renovation project of the former MCL premises in Greve in Chianti represented an opportunity to give new life and organicity to a long-forgotten place. The project provides for the functional reorganization of the spaces by providing for the demolition of the small existing warehouse and creating a flexible system set around the central hall for common activities of about 40 square meters, with a creative laboratory of about 20 square meters as support, a warehouse of 10 square meters , and a space with bathrooms for users and changing rooms for staff. A new exposed brick wall used as pixels to create a texture of voids and solids identifies the new warehouse and acts as a scenographic backdrop for the great hall. The project is configured as an open-space where inside you can find areas for relaxation, more technical spaces for meetings, meetings, in-depth studies, and spaces for exercising the creativity of children such as the laboratory; all set up for the creation of a shared environment that allows the exchange of synergies and opportunities. A welcoming place, a place of doing things, characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, present in the floors and furnishings, terracotta from MANETTI-SANNINI and a workshop where children can be free to create and interact in a shared home atmosphere, far away from the noise and individualism that often characterizes today's society more and more. The project involves a new lighting system consisting of many LED light points that allows for homogeneous lighting and the creation of a sort of light surface under the existing ceiling.

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