Guayacan House

Guayacan House

Ruiz Solar Arquitectura and Construccion
San Josè de Maipo, Chile
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Private Houses

Guayacan House

Ruiz Solar Arquitectura and Construccion as Architects

Guayacán House is located in San José de Maipo, a privileged scenery where the ecosystem manifests lush and impressive. This is why materials and design are oriented to coexistence with the nature of the place, where the complexities were used as creative elements at the time of designing.

With the symbiosis as a maximum, the materiality grows from the respect and balance, both in volume and tone, across the environment, being the wood the main component used, link between the house and the ecosystem. In addition to concrete and glass, 60% of the material comes from the reuse of phenolic shuttering plates.

Thanks to the maximization of resources which was planned this project, the plates have their place in the house according to its original measure because it formats were used in the manufacturing process. This is translated as a response to the design of spaces, in order to avoid generating unwanted waste.

The design also goes to meet the place. Using the irregularity of the topography, as an other resource, the house rises through the subjection of pillars in order to intervene the less as possible into the ecosystem.

Through this resource it is also be possible dialogue with the omnipresent hill, turning the house in a balcony who salute the Maipo Valley.

This contemplative condition rewards the commons spaces, as the terrace and insides, where a longitudinal passage speaks to the valley through windows, while denying the hill on its opposite face.

However, the constant presence of the environment lives with the privacy and repose of the only two bedrooms in the house. This is two poles connected by a longitudinal aisle, which seek independence from both and the outside.

Guayacán House is the result of the exaltation and respect for the environment, an exercise of symbiosis in which the author it serves of the architectural resources astutely to offer a coherent proposal, efficient and honest, being the communion between the environment and design the third axis of development.

This is a house that found the simplicity as an ally to highlight the qualities of the environment as their own.

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