HaaT: “Heart in HaaT” Textile Exhibition

h220430 as Artists

■Design Concept by h220430

HaaT textiles are organically filled with gentleness and rich depth.

Unimaginably delicate details lend a strong appeal that takes form as each piece of clothing is delivered into the world. Depth is achieved through a detail-filled spirit and many labor intensive manufacturing processes, all of which are apparent in finished HaaT pieces.

We have designed a way for viewers to intuitively experience the appeal of these garments by viewing them through natural "dewdrop lens" glass pieces that have been created for this exhibition.

Visitors can more deeply understand the charm of the textiles by looking through the specifically placed, custom made dewdrop lenses, as though peering through a magnifying glass.

The round exhibition space is modeled after water ripples, with the displayed items and dewdrop lenses arranged on tables specially designed to flow with the pattern of the ripples.

A special atmosphere is born as the dewdrops glitter under the light and become one with the radiance of the textiles. -----------------------------

■Exhibitoin Concept by HaaT Title: HaaT: “Heart in HaaT” Textile Exhibition Since the launch of the brand (in 2000), HaaT has insisted on Made in Japan, and we have developed Japanese techniques along with local creators and applied them to new, fun, contemporary clothes. These textiles add a unique brand perspective to Japanese materials, and are created with various innovations to achieve comfortableness and lightness. The exhibition will consist of clothes and accessories carefully selected from an archive built up over fifteen years, and will introduce their creators along with the techniques employed to make them. Furthermore, it will feature spaces, such as an exhibit based on the theme of dewdrops and water drops, that offer new discoveries not only for people interested in fashion and materials, but also all people engaged in learning of one kind or another.

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