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Keren Offner - ok design as Architects

The Market is built in the formation of an array of shops and stands. In the heart of the boulevard there are various sitting arrangements- wood & metal benches, "sitting booths", and a bar set-up that could accommodate up to 130 diners.

Between the sitting options available in the row formation are thick pillars that show a hanging lamp that mimics a street light on to the tables below, and to the other side of the pillars, is hanging a lush green vegetation plant made of green plastic.

The concept was to create a series of gates and entrances that visitors go thru as they walk deeper into the market.

The market's design is calm in its colors pallets and shads. Most of the furniture and wall covers are made of whitened oak wood, the color range is controlled and sways between grey and green shades, and the floor is made of cast terrazzo that contains grey aggregates, white colors, and some browns as well. Only the ceiling is painted black to conceal the hanging systems and to add an additional rough edge.

Material Used:

1. Oak wood

2. Concrete

3. Terazzo floor

4. Iron

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