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The state of contagion is the consequential process of numerous layers sterile to brewing time line of previous and later. The fabulous stratum of death - nature is subject of "coupling "meant to represent the ruin surface into infinite measure of memory. The corpse of land continues its presents through semantic order of stoniness of slabs and the organic part of coupling: the trees. The purification is matter of fable; and the annexation of corpse land to the poet's territory constitutes dwindling tendencies, where the whole concept seeks the proliferation of poetic sense. The plateau stretches from the threshold of literary historicism and prefer y of memory to the continuum surface of" indefinite" and horizon of" sloping land". The plateau spans the contaminated land of death and nature to institutionalize the improvisation of space. The purity of surface and its interdimension contribute to the new implosive landscaping in contrast to the vulgar explosive manner. The poetic machine proliferates the poetic domain devouring more territories of the wasteland into literal boundaries.

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Entry building to Sberbank City
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Entry building to Sberbank City

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