Hanken School of Economics

Hanken School of Economics

Helsinki, Finland - Build completed in 2018

Hanken School of Economics

In-es.artdesign as Manufacturers

Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, has a Business Lab called Torget (the Swedish word for piazza). 

It’s a place for students and entrepreneurs to meet, a place for new start-up companies. The place was just a store room in the basement of the university building from the 1950’s till it was made by Martens Architects into a colourful meeting place.

The Architects chose to decorate this space In-es.artdesign’s lighting elements, with their lovely and unique and sketchy design - which have the capability to feed your imagination in a right way - art and design.

The space consists of two open areas for sitting, one with a bar counter and the other one with green walls and low seats. 

There are small meeting rooms called Stockholm, St. Petersburg, San Francisco and Nizza (the last two photos with the floor lamps Tank 1 and Tank 2), according to where some of their collaborator universities are situated. A vivid and creative milieu.

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