Hanking Peak Boulevard Villas

Hanking Peak Boulevard Villas

LMK Architects

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Hanking Peak Boulevard Villas

LMK Architects as Architects

A group of four towers, sitting on the  the Xiaonanshan foothills, face the South China Sea according to their peculiar location. Through a  generous usage of large glazed surface and the projection of an outdoor continuous  balcony area the apartments are provided with   a comfortable space open to the wideness of the surrounding landscape scene.


The Aluminium / Stainless Steel cladded edges  are used to define the spacial indipendency of  households.


Their paperfoldlike overall effect enrich the balcony spaces dynamism. A large number of eco fibrillar material is chosen for overhead layers, balcony soffits and roof panels. This design approach with spontaneous elegance makes the building fashionable and casual at one time, giving it all the charchteristic of a new regional landmark.


Overhead space at entry level provides tenants with more semi-outdoor public platform and offers interaction opportunities  to the people of the community. This ground floor deep shaded area  creates a preciously comfortable environment for all residents.


Each building's facade  is divided by variable oblique diagonals, gently adapting to the terrain  different angles. From this subtle movement or harmonious "dance" , a myriad  of  visual irregularities sparkles out. This endless flow  enhance the complexity of space experience.


A restful park space ties like a woven filigraine the Towers Ground floor space to the entrances of Individuals Luxury Villas.


The Villas are conceived as mineral crystals carved into stone and metal, revealing a warm internal soul. Their semioutdoor spaces are covered with wooden finishes. 


The clubhouse design intensify the tension of the complex dynamism in one single energetic act of geometry. It represents the eye and the pulsing heart of the whole organism.


Material Used :
1. Alluminium Cladding: ALUCOBOND

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Local Design Institute
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Alluminium CladdingAlucobond
Product Spec Sheet
Alluminium Cladding
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