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Harbour City Plaza Exhibition Center

Harbour City Plaza Exhibition Center

Atelier Archmixing
Shanghai, China | View Map
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Harbour City Plaza Exhibition Center

Atelier Archmixing as Architects

The Exhibition Center consists of a main building for exhibition, a tearoom for reception and an open-air garden. Extended walls are regarded as major elements to make the building look bigger in an appropriate way. The main framework is composed of three long walls, which form two narrow courtyard spaces-one for exhibition use, one for other purposes. The most distinctive material used for the construction of the center is transparent corrugated polycarbonate sheets and it make the walls long and lightweight, the space partitioned and transparent, and the greenery arranged in order. Meantime, the grey-hued reflection and transparency of the material reminds one of the seawater nearby and the surfaces of the Dishui Lake. Tearoom is inspired by transformation of the four containers, including three half-containers and an intact one. The three containers constitute the interior space for daily reception, five large skylights on the ceiling enhance natural lighting, better spatial experience and highlight the small space as the core. The large container forms a half-outdoor terrace, opposite the great lawn, either for daily rest or as supplementary to venues for gatherings, cocktail parties and so forth.

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