Health center Minden

Health center Minden

Königstrasse 120, D-32427, Minden, Germany - Build completed in 2009

Health center Minden

archwerk as Architects

The property is located at one of the main connecting routes to the city center. After demolition of the existing dilapidated building was built a centrally located 4-storey health center, which offers a variety of medical services on a net floor area of 9610 sq. m. With the new building the urban district was upgraded architecturally and economically significantly, as evidenced by the lively public traffic and resettled retailers.

Architecture The building is split into four sections and a connecting highway, the gallery space. On the draft of differently sized sub-areas arose the opportunity to generate a variety of floor plans and practice sizes. Due to the very spacious gallery also an architectural link was created, which is not only traffic area, but also because its staged staircases and skylights an exciting interior for visitors. The materials were carefully selected in terms of urban context, their durability and sustainability and therefore its contemporary expression. The colorful, blue brick facade and the gallery space with exposed concrete walls, Anröchter natural stone for flooring and smooth ceilings create an intentionally subtile and seemingly technical framework for medical use. The different medical practices were developed individually and in cooperation with the physicians. A clear design language and a binding material selection for all practices created a uniform design concept inside the whole building.

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