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The Hill Project

HomokyArchitects as Architects

The building is a luxurious villa designed according to the present requirements and in the spirit of the imperishable architectural values, in „Minimalist” style. In order to use the biggest building height up to the maximum we chose the half-level offset formation in layout and facade. That way the possibility is also given to optimally use the realty’s level space indicator. On the ground floor and the mezzanine levels we located the premises that serve for the daily activities. In the basement section – but still lit with natural sunshine – we designed rooms for the functions as entertainment (home theatre), social life, healthy lifestyle (wellness), housing residential staff, storage and garage. We also considered the weather vicissitude and conditions. Under the (master) bedroom on the mezzanine there is a huge, partly sunk and totally covered grill kitchen/dining room that can be used as a terrace, or for any varied purposes, too. With the moving of the lamellar glass structure free time can be spent in the circumstances of a covered but with fresh air pervaded terrace on rainy days, as well. The significant glass surfaces of the building are protected from the excessive sunshine with a special external aluminium Venetian blinder system hidden in the structure, which can be remotely controlled and also serves security purposes at the same time. The building certainly wholly meets all the modern energetic requirements, all the heating and cooling systems can be evolved barrier-free in all rooms within.

The offered construction site is a realty on a frequented location, where the territory has a luckily low downhill nature, and has a fantastic, almost 270° panorama over the whole inner city Danube shore. A unique of its kind.

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Mainzer Tor Museum Depot-City Archive Youth Center
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Mainzer Tor Museum Depot-City Archive Youth Center

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