Holiday home in the Algarve

Holiday home in the Algarve

HilberinkBosch Architecten
moncarapacho, Portugal
Project Year
Private Houses
René de Wit, Breda, The Netherlands

Holiday home in the Algarve

HilberinkBosch Architecten as Architects

In the Algarve, the south of Portugal, the transition from the coast to the hilly midlands is characterized by an ascending landscape. Historical agricultural structures, such as vineyards and orchards form an idyllic setting. We designed a holiday home for a Dutch principal on one of these typical plots with an old citrus- and olive orchard. The main focus point of the design are the life outdoors, the sun, the fantastic view over the ocean and the gathering around family and friends.

The house is situated on the highest point of the plot. It consists of three different volumes each with a kinked roof and a specific function: living area, swimming pool and guest house. The different volumes and roof surfaces are slightly shifted in relation to each other, thus following the scope of het plot. The residence is built with authentic Portuguese materials and techniques, used in a modern way. From afar the building seems to merge with its surroundings due to the different roofs, heights, materials and colors.

If one approaches the house by the long driveway dangling through the orchard, the building looks tall and introvert. The fairly closed white stucco wall protects its guests from cold winter winds and provides privacy towards the higher situated neighbors. Behind this wall the building opens itself towards the sun and the surrounding nature. A firm wooden structure bears the different roofs, lifting them slightly above the walls. Due to this tempered sunlight enters the house at every point of the day, creating vibrant spaces. Large overhangs and great glass facades make the transition between interior and exterior subtle, focusing on the life outside. The living area and guesthouse are connected through a long lazy stair descending along the swimming pool. The swimming pool with its open roof structure and spacious terraces is the central point in the building, connecting all different functions and spaces.

Life in sunny Portugal takes place around the swimming pool and terraces with the shade always nearby due to different roofs. The elegant house always provides a great view over the historical orchard and a bright look at the ocean. A house with a warm welcome.

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