Hotel Forsthaus

Hotel Forsthaus

Naumann Architektur
n/a, Germany
zooey braun FOTOGRAFIE

Hotel Forsthaus

Naumann Architektur as Architects

Even if the building was in charge of the forest for ages, and even if it was planned functionally as a foresterʻs house, the transformation into a hotel succeeded. Without raping the soul of the building, without destroying the original dimensions, while not disclaiming the requirements a modern hotel needs. (only for the necessary fire protection we had to do some small changes to the structure) The history of the old foresterʻs house forms a symbiosis with the new function as a hotel. There were created ACHT (eight) rooms in the Forsthaus itself, which are more or less organised in the former structure , but nevertheless they have their own adequate language. Another room is located in the former washhouse.

At first sight the Forsthaus doesnʻt show a lot of the transformation. The folding shutters in an umbra grey, the frame of the roof, the new painted windows, the sandstone shines in red since always. Only at a second glance does one recognize that there is indeed a changement: ES WAR EINMAL... (Once upon a time...) is written on a folded metal sheet in umbra grey which is folded round the corner. AUF DER LAUER (On the lookout) finds itself on the retaining wall and DIE ERDE STILL GEKÜSST (the ground kissed silently) on the wall facing to the garden. In the back of the garden, the former kitchen garden is reactivated. Once the visitor enters the Forsthaus/hotel, he is accompanied by the umbra grey. The entrance, which is experienced as very dark, sets emphases with spots on the room doors, the flooring looks like fallen leaves or numerous small areas of moss and the staircase rests unmodified like a big accessible sculpture. The room numbers are accompagnied with a quotation. (The old forester‘s house appeared as dark in the several rooms, the windows are small compared to the standard of nowadays. This absence of light disappears as the corridor is that dark, the visitor steps from the dark corridor into the „light“ rooms.) Every room got it own little story.

EINS dazwischen (ONE in between): „Der Lattenzaun mit Zwischenraum...“, because the essential is neither above, nor below. ZWEI im Wald (TWO in the forest): Who doesn‘t wish to sleep in between the trees. Auf DREI (at THREE): You can rise in beds, let your thoughts rise, but you can also rise as a football club ... VIER um die Ecke (FOUR around the corner): „Das also war des Pudels Kern...“ Sometimes you have to think outside the box (in german: around the corner) to find a solution that actually works, to uncover the secret. FÜNF Farben weiß (FIVE colour shades of white): Who ever scrunched a paper up knows that white and white are not the same (The room is indeed designed in five different colour shades of white) SECHS Augenblicke: A room with a lot of rooms, a view hither and thither. „Stay, thou art so beautiful...“ Wolke SIEBEN (cloud SEVEN): What turned out to be the most favoured room. The mind is free. ACHT Quadratmeter (EIGHT squaremeters): space isn‘t counted in squaremeters, but in the options a room can offer. NEUN und noch ein Haus (NINE and another house): The former washhouse turned into the ninth room, everybody who likes can back down like a recluse.

The rooms got a pure character. The materials like douglas fir-three-layer slab, cubes out of concrete, solid oak-timber are simple but „strong“ materials. As they are not that colourful, former materials of the house get more attention. The simple cubic furnitures constrast with objects and furnitures of the former forester‘s house in almost every room. That‘s how the visitor can complete the concept and dream his own story of the forester‘s house up.

There is no meaningless architecture.

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