Hotel Metropolis

Hotel Metropolis

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Hotel Metropolis

DIN interiorismo as Interior Architects

The hotel is located in a highly industrial area of the State of Mexico in Mexico. It has 22 rooms and 2 suites. The client intended for this hotel to have a cosmopolitan flair and the design team proposed to have the rooms and suites identified with the names of different cities of the world, hence the name Metrópolis.

In all the rooms the bed is located exactly in the middle of the space, dividing the bathroom from the bedroom with a wall just behind the headboard of the bed. The wall has a window that casts the shadows from inside the shower because of the red tainted glass. There is no furniture as all the necessary items where constructed in the room. At the end of the bed there is a bench upholstered in Venetian red velvet.

Being the bed in the center of the room, two main corridors were created inside of the room. One goes from the door to the end of the room, and the other from the end of the room to the bathroom. For decoration, the name of the city selected for each room is written in big 3D letters placed in different styles. From half the wall to the roof, only on the roof, creativity and fun were used in each room to diversify the same concept.

Specially produced photos hang from the wall with the collaboration of photographer Arturo Chávez. He created special art for each room projecting on top of nude women photos of the main features of each city. The lighting is also very important in the room and it was designed to create different atmospheres according to the user’s mood.

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