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House C
pinoni+lazzarini architects; Umberto Pinoni & Paolo Lazzarini
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ElementBrandProduct Name
manufacturerEdilpiu S.r.l.
PVC WindowFinstral
WashbasinMoab 80
Safety DoorSilvelox
Wellness BallTechnogym

Product Spec Sheet
PVC Window
by Moab 80
Safety Door
Wellness Ball

House C

pinoni + lazzarini as Architects

In Imola´s area mainly occupied by condominiums built around 60s, there is a small house two floors with four-pitch roof, on which wascommissioned an intervention of interesting renovation.

The requests of clients, a young family composed of three persons, they have been very clear from the beginning in defining its orientationabout looking for a housing solution made the most bright and airy as possible, but allowing at the same time privacy of domestic life, in a place whichis likely to be compromised. Numerous condominiums surround the house on three of the four sides, and due to the size of the lot, is not possible consider to tear down the existing building of poor quality, not only from the architectural point of view, but also qualitative, material and internal spaces. The reduced distance of the building from the borders, in addition to, involves rigid constraints to the designof another characterizing point, represented by access to the lot, a long narrow path that leads to via Francucci.

The main idea is thenof getting light withinin to the building, by creating a central court, making sure to close the house as much as possible outwards, except the side free from condominiums. The main entrance of the house find access passing by the court, which is overlooked by alllocals, and is disposedlaterally to the garage. At the ground floor is located the gym, totally open to the garden, its service, the technical area and the garage, located in the only house corner accessible with a car, which is thus freedmaking it more easier to maneuver.

Going upstairs, is the staircase to facilitate the distribution of the two functional areas of the floor, that take place, on the one side handfrom the master suite with service and from the other side hand, in large living area with fireplace and studio. Here also, on side unobstructed from condominiums, the living room is opensoutwards and corner is emptied to leave free space at very largeprotruding windows. In this area the spaces interpenetrateand gather around the court, where a small terrace allows accessextending it further in search of light. Still goingto the second floor is the area intended for the daughter, a private space and provided of related services from which it canaccess to the large roof terrace.

From this perspective can still be seen the internal court, underlined by the jutting structure, and the two compositional volumes intervention, with the existing part treated with colored plaster, whilethat interested by the extensionemerged clearly from metallic coating.

A project expressly refer at architecture o simpleand essential spaces where the light comes to invade and gather the spaces, and through whichthe apparent immobility and stiffness of volumes is will be made dynamic interaction from internal habitat that intersect and collaborate in search of a clear and substantial language.

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