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House in Fuji-nanroku

House in Fuji-nanroku

SEIICHI YAMADA Architect & Associates
Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan | View Map
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House in Fuji-nanroku

SEIICHI YAMADA Architect & Associates as Architects

The site is located in the northern part of the town at the southern foot of Mt. Fuji. Farmland owned by the father of the builder for a long time, surrounded by trees of more than 20m, and a relatively large factory on the north side overlooks this site. The dense trees and factories, the unused houses on the roadside, and the temporary huts seen from the grounds all seemed gloomy and miscellaneous.

I heard that the landlord spent his childhood in rural areas and chose wood chopping on a daily basis, and felt a strong desire to live with nature again. Wouldn't it be possible to connect nature and human memory through architecture and bring a richer life?

First, a symmetrical pillar frame centered on a spiral staircase and a simple rectangle with an unified opening on each side were placed near the center of the site, and the architectural area was set in nature. The height was set at 7m to accommodate the surrounding trees. The ceiling on the first floor was kept low to secure air space on the second floor, and the opening in three directions made the distance from the forest shorter. The walls can be painted over with sand plaster, and the building itself becomes a background to visually cut out miscellaneous things on the site. In contrast to a skeleton consisting of simple column spans in symmetry, the sequence of walls and the shading of light that form a surface layer, such as skin, follow natural order and create a space with depth.

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