House In Ishikiri

House In Ishikiri

Fujiwaramuro Architects
Higashi-osaka city, Osaka Pref., Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Toshiyuki Yano

House In Ishikiri

Fujiwaramuro Architects as Architects

This combined residence and business is located on a gently sloping property

on the east side of Osaka. We were involved in the project from the stage of

searching for the building site. After considering a number of properties over

the course of several years, the clients ultimately purchased this site near a

relative’s home. They requested a design that had the atmosphere of a resort,

included a space to open an aroma salon, and used a wide variety of different



In addition, because the property is located in a densely developed residential

district, we were careful to secure privacy while still aiming for a plan with an

open feeling to it.


Our overall guiding image was of light being encapsulated in the center of the

house. To achieve this, we created a central void with a skylight above it, and

windows on the first and second floors facing the void. Sunlight and reflected

light enter this central living room from various directions so that the

atmosphere of the interior shifts subtly throughout the year. All the rooms in

the house are linked through the void above the living room. On the first floor,

which contains the rooms where the family gathers, large sliding glass doors

face the southern side of the property, connecting interior and exterior spaces.

The bathroom is also connected to an outdoor terrace and second living room,

which contributes to the resort-like atmosphere.


The aroma salon and bedrooms are located on the second floor, and the salon is accessible directly from the entryway to better accommodate frequent clients. Textured finishes are used throughout the house, including antique brick on the exterior walls, custom-made tiles on the living room floor, glass tiles in the bathroom, and brass fixtures.


Material Used :

1. Seto tile – Living Floor – Seto-hongyo

2. parquet flooring – kitchen, dining, corridor floor – toolbox

3. tanacream (cement pluster) – wall, ceiling – tanaka sekkai 

4. addison Touch –kitchen faucet - DELTA

Project team
Product Specifications
Delta FaucetDelta FaucetAddison Touch – kitchen faucet
toolboxParquet flooring – kitchen, dining, corridor floor
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