House in Mattsee

House in Mattsee

Kleboth und Dollnig ZT GmbH
Mattsee, Austria
Project Year
Private Houses
Günter Richard Wett

The house as place

Kleboth und Dollnig ZT GmbH as Architects

The site with its distinct longitudinal form completes the building development of the village and marks a direct change to the bordering nature reserve. Without doing that the usual way by setting up a fence. Under the pitched roof required by the authorities, all functions are strung together: storage, carport, wardrobe, sauna, hall and the actual house itself. Prefabricated walls of exposed concrete hold up the roof, the wooden house was constructed underneath it.

The two storey house is compact and offers the usual functions of a single family home. Suspensible windows allow the owners to cook inside and outside on the terrace. Depending on the weather life takes place indoors, in the hall, on the patio or in the garden. Wet room and installations room are situated in the northern part of the building, a massive nucleus. Solar panels and geothermal energy are used for heating.

The hall is a hybrid, roofed over and vitrified but not heated. It has no distinct function yet is multifunctional: to peg out washing, for parties on rainy days, for repairing the motorcycle, for playing in the sand box, as relaxation room for the sauna. A room always a bit ‘untidy’ but drawn from life.

Characteristics of the house:

-Many elements are integrated into the building. This way the house does not loose it’s generosity by furniture that happens to stand around: there’s enough storage room, the partition wall between hall and master bedroom is a closet at the same time, little niches are set into the concrete walls in the bathroom, the shelves in the living room are flush mount into the walls.

-The house adjusts to all seasons: during summer it can turn itself inside out, the kitchen is one block with one side inwards and one side outwards – divided by a big sliding window. The hall is well ventilated during summer, in winter however it becomes an amplification for playing ball, for chilling after the sauna. The glass wall of the living room in direction to the bog forest is like a picture frame through which you can see the different faces of the landscape according to weather and season.

-The kitchen with its island unit is the absolute center of the house with a folding door in direction to the hall and two steps down to the living room with the fire place as partition. The most important functions in the day time are this way bound on one level. The rooms on the first floor are sleeping rooms and bathroom, more comfortable and intimate rooms.

-The Hall, also called ‘tree-room’ for the olive tree that grows in the middle, is very special for us. It’s a space between the entrance door and the actual house: it’s a roofed over space outside for playing at rainy weather, for pegging out washing, for having a quick espresso with unannounced guests, for reading newspaper or for playing tag around the olive tree with kids and cats.

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