House J
Denise Heirman

House J

Andres Nuñez Fuenzalida Arquitectos as Architects

The house J was born as an order for a family in a place in the chicureo sector of 2500 m2.

The program was very simple and reduced for the land, so the first idea was to generate a volume which was able to adapt to the terrain and be able to generate distinct clearly defined sectors to be able to take advantage of the lot efficiently.
the second decision was to locate all the main precincts, public areas and dormitories to the north and secondary enclosures, bathrooms and kitchen to the south.
The south façade is hermetic, it generates the view from the entrance, to which 2 lucarnas were designed, which generate the imprint to the project adding to this a concrete wall that guides the entrance to the house
The north façade turns towards the garden with a constant modulation in bedrooms, which ends with a total opening in the public areas generating the exterior being which is supported by steel diagonals, element that in materiality and disposition leave the referent of the rest of the project to reinforce the corner of this corner

Light patios in living rooms, dressing rooms and corridors accompany the interior circulations to generate a constant relationship with the surrounding environment, the principal idea of ​​constituents wanting to live in a place like this.


Material Used :

1. Windows VEKA

2. Doors enchapadas cedro novapuertas

3. Kitchen covers and bathrooms Silestone

4. Floors MK

5. Hardware store Italinea

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Product Spec Sheet

Kitchen covers and bathroomsSilestone
Windows VEKA
Product Spec Sheet
Kitchen covers and bathrooms
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