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Family home with class

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The family home with swimming pool built in 2015 lies on the edge of orchards and fields in the Sonnenberg district of Stuttgart. It is situated here in a row of identical detached houses. The dimensions of the new buildings with saddle roof were specified by the planning authorities – and the new buildings thus fit into the town planning environment.

The homogenous design of the façade and roof from horizontally mounted fibre cement panels in off-white strengthens the dimensions of the building and constitutes its distinctiveness. On the street side, a large pitched dormer dominates the roof. In the interior it serves as a central illumination element for the stairway, which is open to the roof. Towards the garden, the façade reflects the internal structure of the floors.

On the ground floor, there is the living and dining area and kitchen for the six-person family. On the first floor there are four children's rooms all of the same size with French windows. The sleeping and bath area for the parents is on the top floor and opens out through sliding doors to the roof terrace set into the length of the roof. In the cellar there is a long, rectangular swimming pool. At the front it is lit using skylights. From the swimming pool, the residents can access the garden via a gravel interior courtyard with a folded steel staircase.

The internal access is formed from angled staircases. These are made from steel band painted white and with oak steps. The bright staircase is open to the top floor and means the house can be experienced in the vertical dimension. In the upper floor for the children, the stairs become an area for play.

Homogeneity and openness of the interior space are strengthened by the light grey, mineral flooring, uniform fixtures in white MDF and full-height sliding doors. Clear, purist accents are set by the electrical installation in the design of the classic JUNG switch LS 990 in pure white. Light, blinds and temperature can be conveniently controlled with the KNX F40 push-button modules with large operating buttons. Elegant KNX room controllers from JUNG, with a graphic display and large operating buttons, control functions such as shade and lighting.

The modern Stuttgart house is designed as a passive house. Well insulated external walls with a durable, rear-ventilated façade, low-temperature underfloor heating and geothermal energy and controlled ventilation with heat recovery save energy and thus costs.

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