House Maison Individuelle

House Maison Individuelle

Perraudin Architectes

WYSWYG Architecture
Montélimar, France | View Map
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House Maison Individuelle

Perraudin Architectes as Architects

Atelier d'Architecture Perraudin, in collaboration with Wyswyg Architecture in Lyon, proved with this project that designing inexpensive houses while using noble materials such as massive stone and wood is possible. Walls are made of 40cm thick Fontvieille stone, while roof’s joinery (interior and exterior) is made of larch wood. This house, sized on the golden rectangle proportions, is developed on two levels. In fact, the plot being located in the sub-sector UD of the municipality of Montélimar, flood prescriptions imply special provisions such as a limited footprint and raising the living space at 173 cm above the ground.

That is why the house is raised to 2.20m of free height to overcome this constraint and limit obstacles to the flow of water. Therefore, in the ground floor, the owners can adapt freely the covered outdoor space that is created.

The upper plateau spaces are organized around a central core, where the stairs to access to the house are.

Common areas are divided into several variations that gradate access to bedrooms and ensures privacy. To enjoy the sun, living spaces are organized in the south; there, throughout the length of the façade, an extension to the outside is created. This terrace is covered by a pergola that protects glass surfaces. Rooms are located in the north, facing east and west.

The whole house benefits from the stone’s thermal qualities and cross ventilation and stone’s thermal qualities.A reflection on compactness is central in this project in order to design a healthy and ecological home.

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