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House of a Backstage

House of a Backstage

y+M design office
Tokushima, Japan | View Map
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House of a Backstage

y+M design office as Architects

Location of the house is near Mt. Bizan in Tokushima city. The site is one of five compartmental areas where we can see beautiful view of the mountain toward southeast.


We designed the house for client family of four (couple and their children) who newly move to there.


We designed the “big wall” which is used for exterior wall and fence. The wall cut the undesirable view of neighboring houses in the other compartment and 8-story building of prefectural condominium. We set the big wall to cover all over the client’s site, so that we can utilize area of the site with keeping the client family’s privacy not only in inside the house but also the outside garden.


We set the ridge which popes over head of the big wall at center of the site. It is used for living room where the client family members enjoy. Wall of inside of the living room is Japanese cedar board, whilst outside the wall is corrugated panels.


The living room is like a stage for play because it is enclosed by cedar and it is organic and warm style. On the other hand the other rooms such as bed room, entrance, plumbing area and garden are like a backstage for play because it is enclosed by corrugating panels and it is inorganic and cool style.


This “backstage” area is collective entity of some spaces where various “roles” are mixed. And each space links to the “stage” that is living room.


We hope that relationship of the client family who will live in this house goes well. Each family member will support each other though each member has several roles.


Material Used :
1. Outer wall 1/Burnt cedar siding
2. Outer wall 2 / Corrugated slate
3. Roof 1 / Waterproofing membrane
4. Roof 2 / Corrugated slate
5. Inner wall 1/ Fiber cement board
6. Inner wall 2 / Cedar paneling
5. Floor 1 / PVC tile
6. Floor 2 / Cedar flooring

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