Javier Callejas Sevilla


GRX arquitectos as Architects

The project to transform this house seeks, as its main challenge, the entrance of light into a dark block of flats. For this reason, from the beginning of the development of the project the reference "El Bañuelo" of Granada was the inspiration of this project, Arab baths built in the s. XI without façade to the outside, fully illuminated and ventilated through perforated skylights on its upper decks, which flood this interior construction with overhead and vertical light. These perforations inspire the lighting in this house, demolishing as much as we could the interior partitioning and making horizontal cylindrical perforations that introduce natural light into the new spaces. As a consequence of this constructive experiment, the final need arose to resolve the control of the new lighting according to the uses at different times of the day, for which it was decided to create mobile partitions using blackout curtains that allow or prevent the passage of light . Through the control of light and the use of color, the house interacts with the moods of the inhabitant, adaptation in use and time in the different rooms.

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Modern hillside home
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Modern hillside home

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Southern France, France - Build completed in 2019
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