House of Health

House of Health

Viereck Architekten
Hauptpl. 36, 2130 Mistelbach, Austria | View Map
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Andreas Tischler

House of Health

Viereck Architekten as Architects

At the main quare in A-2130 Mistelbach, there was the pharmacy of the “Dundalek BeteiligungsgmbH”. The building owner, Klaus and Christian Dundalek, wanted to preserve the location and to add a new health center in this central position, to create a new “home of health” for population.

In the first draft we aspired to preserve the old stock of the building, but after an analysis of the static structure it was obvious, that the substance was not expandable. This is why we made the decision to build up a new, modern and forwoard-looking pharmacy.

The “home of health” was oriented at the east to the main square and was adjusted in the height to the adjoining exhisting neighboring building, to retaine the urban pattern and to create an harmonious overall impression.

The façade of the buidling was equipped with bis glas elemtents even in the pharmacy area as well as in the ordination in the first and second floor to get as much light as possible into the rooms.

Characteristic for the façade are oatmeal coloured Alucobond-Elements with linear cuttings, which show a timeless, urban elegance. The entrance portal is highlighted with copper-coloured Alucobond-Elements. The main access to the pharmacy and the ordinations is located at the main square marked by an handsome façade, mainly made out of glas and alu.

You can enter the building barrier-free through the main square at the east as well as from the parking space at the Franz-Josef-Street, where a ramp allows patients in wheelchairs to access the house. The connecting elements is the central positioned staircase with elevator and the arcade. This is also the main circulation to 4 ordinations in the first and second floor.

An important component of the draft is the greened atrium. This architectural element makes it possible to get as much light as possible into the rooms, in defiance of the big overall depth.

From the salec area of the pharmacy with spacious office, as well as from consulting and treatment rooms you get a direct view to the inner courtyard.

To the west, the internal pharmac rooms are lined up – laboratories, backoffice, goods acceptance, night service, staff rooms and a seminar room with its own inner courtyard. The draft results light-flooded aorking spaces and short, optimized ways for the staff.

It was a great concern to create a pleasant atmosphere for the customers in the pharmacy area, a simple straightforwardness and orientation as well as a good positining of the consulting areas in the community pharmacy, the cosmetic patch with testing space and a separated consultation room.

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