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House of the Arts

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House of the Arts

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House of Art inaugurated/
In 2016 Svendborg Architects together with landscape architects BOGL and engineering firms Regnestuen and Spangenberg & Madsen, won an invitational competition for the new masterplan of Kildegaarden, which included the The House of Art. The realization of the project was executed in close collaboration with Client Roskilde Municipality and the Lead-Contractor EH & Son. The project was supported by The Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities.

The project was finalized this summer and inaugurated at 21. September. At the opening ceremony, speeches were held by the mayor of Roskilde Municipality, Joy Mogensen and the chief executive of The Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities, Esben Danielsen, among others.

Masterplan Kildegården/
The outdoor areas and the new square adjacent to the three cultural institutions, The Arthouse, The Event Circle and The Dancing Scene, are designed to accommodate the nuances of city life. . The square is experienced as a comprehensive whole, where the occurrence of niches and smaller spaces between the activity zones, under the trees and along the buildings is a natural consequence of the area being well-connected. This assures, that the square is working well both when full of life as well as accommodating quieter times.
The new masterplan aims to dissolve the boundaries between the buildings and create new links to Roskilde. The project especially emphasizes a more active, aesthetic, and coherent design for the area, with a well-defined, central square. Like a hinge, the square strengthens a feel of community, as the space is closely tied to the town.

To have a centrally located environment for culture is rare in Denmark and therefore of great value to the citizens of Roskilde. The masterplan acknowledges this and have through the entire process, sought a dialogue to best understand how to maintain and empower the existing strengths and carry them into the new situation.

House of Art/
The House of Art is located in the middle of the square. The exterior is coated with specular, red-nuanced aluminium sheets. These sheets reflect and somewhat distorts the surrounding brickwork. The floor plan is a perfect square, and the roof slants from the front to almost seven meters at the back— a geometry that clearly sets it apart from its surroundings.

The single, squared room acts as a unifying space. The lack of interior walls is compensated by furniture arrangements, that can be rearranged to fit a range of different functions. One of them, painting, has already made its mark. As drops of color are already dotting the bright concrete floor. The walls and the ceiling are covered in acoustic panels, and through a skylight at the highest point, daylight can flow onto the back wall for a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The concept behind the project is quite simply to bring practicing artists and the public closer together. One room for the creation and enjoyment of arts in tandem. From painting and sculpture to music and performing arts. Arthouse will therefore be community run by and open to all.

This simple idea, a house for the community that encourages a free and experimental use, was supported and respected by the Client all along. We sincerely wish to thank Roskilde Municipality, for an open and mutual collaboration. Hopefully the local community is already embracing the new possibilities, exploring both the House of Art and their own creativity.

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